Monohull trailers

For decades, we have produced trailers in our factory of Moncontour (86 – France) with the monohull trailers as the best example: our flagship!

Push-off Trailers

GYRAx can also offer you two sizes of push-off trailer for a safe and fast emptying process!

Adjustable trailers

The BM adjustable trailers give you versatility and robustness in a compact size.

Grape Harvest Trailers

Since 2016, GYRAX has conceived a range of grape harvest trailers from 40 to 90HL for every wine-grower and every land shape.

Roadworks Trailers

Based on the same design as the normal BMXL, the Roadworks BMXL are reinforced with abrasion resistant steel in order to follow all day long.

Chaff vacuum Trailers

Our Démet’air was designed for chaff gathering to help anaerobic digestion systems. It can also be used as a silage trailer with its optimized volume.

Flatbed Trailers

Built to last… The Ulyss flatbed trailers are the direct successor of our quest for robustness and longevity.